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Members of the press may contact the national office at info (a) or (212)727-8610 or see our latest news page.

Recent Media Coverage of DSA

DSA's Taylor Jones was among the scheduled speakers at an anti-inaugural Human Rights rally, according to Sloane Smith at The Austin Chronicle. Nancy Benac at the Associated Press included DSA in a pre-inaugural report, as carried by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, for example. A pre-inaugural political report by David Weigel at The Washington Post included DSA. Kristin Toussaint at Metro - Boston also mentioned DSA in coverage of upcoming Boston anti-Trump demonstrations.

DSA made Rachel Miller's list of anti-inaugural to-do's at Brooklyn Magazine, as we did in Madina Toure's list at New York Observer, as we did in Eddie Pamintuan's list at Sactown Magazine, as we did in Brenden Gallagher's list at Merryjane, as we did in the editors' list at Blunderbuss Magazine. Since Joseph Schwartz was included among Philadelphia's 19 face of resistance at BillyPenn, so was DSA. DSA also made Talia Ergas' list at Us Weekly. Now, will DSA become a fashion statement? Commodify your dissent with this decorative DSA membership! But Sarah Slamen at Texas Observer urged people to get active, and mentioned DSA, oh yes, as one of the possible alternatives.

Danielle DeCourcey included advice from DSA (among others) for first time protesters at attn:.

University of Oklahoma YDS staged an anti-inaugural demonstration, according to Hannah Pike at OUDaily. Adam Troxtell covered the same demonstration at The Norman Transcript. DSA was mentioned in Cynthia Moreno's coverage of an anti-Trump demonstration at the California State Capitol at Vida en el Valle. John Ferrannini covered the same Sacramento demonstration and included DSA, at The State Hornet. DSA was part of the coalition of groups organizing 144 hours of protests in Sacramento, according to Dan Bacher at San Diego Free Press. Frank Torres' coverage of an anti-Trump demonstration in Orlando, Florida, included DSA at The Orlando Political Observer. Alex Eng and Ryan Grewal included a quote from DSA's Spencer Brown in their coverage of Boston anti-Trump protests at The Huntington NewsMass Live'sGintautas Dumcius' coverage of the Boston Commons protest also included DSA. The anti-Trump demonstration in New York was covered by Jake Offehartz for Gothamist, and mentioned DSA, as did Zach Williams at Chelsea NowSputnik News gave DSA full credit for organizing the anti-Trump demonstration in New York City, as did Jake Sigal at Pacific Press Agency. Is this the foundation for a conspiracy narrative? Well, funny you should mention it! None of this (including DSA) would be happening without George Soros, according to William Jasper at the John Birch Society's The New American. A large contingent from DSA participated in the anti-Trump demonstrations in Philadelphia, according to Martha Woodall at the Philadelphia Inquirer. Layla A. Jones also included DSA in coverage of the Philadelphia anti-Trump demonstration at The Philadelphia Tribune. DSA was included Paul Schwartzman's and David Weigel's coverage of anti-Trump demonstrations in DC at The Washington Post. In India, Ruchir Ferroro Sharma mentioned DSA in connection with anti-Trump demonstrations at Swarajya magazine. The Young Democratic Socialists were involved in inaugural anti-Trump activities in Eugene, Oregon, according to Eric Howanietz at The Torch, likewise in downtown Kansas City, according to Emily Park at University News.

Gabby Bess' interview with Winnie Wong about the Women's March on Washington mentioned DSA, at Broadly. DSA made the photo gallery (#125 of 139) covering the Women's March on Montana at Great Falls Tribune. Roqayah Chamseddine discussed some of the feminist politics surrounding the Women's March on Washington at Shadow Proof, wherein DSA was mentioned. Art Forum provided several accounts of Women's Marchs around the country, including an account from the DSAdelegation in DC by Ed Halter. Paul Kengor managed to link Kim Il Sung, the Women's March on Washington and DSAtogether at The American Spectator. An editorial at the Houston Chronicle mentioned DSA in connection with the Women's March and opposition to Trump. At Case Western Reserve University's The Observer, Eamon Sheehan and Christopher Nguyen mentioned YDS in their account of the Women's March on Cleveland and on Washington. Nassau Weekly published a series of first person accounts of the Women's March that mentioned YDS. Medill Reports Chicago posted an article and a photo gallery by Derek Robertson of DSA at the Women's March on Washington. Robertson includes quotes from Clara Alcott and Peg Strobel.

Did you hear about the Women's March scandal? Alana Goodman at the Daily Mail tells all. DSA got mentioned but nipples, money and the Communist Party (some how) were the focus, so to speak.

Joseph Schwartz mentioned DSA in the course of analyzing Trumpism and resistance to it at teleSUR. DSA got a curiously sympathetic mention in a commentary about socialist organizing under Trump by Todd Chretien at Socialist Worker. Brenden Gallagher predicts a great future for DSA at Merryjane. Kate Aronoff noted the explosive growth of democratic socialism in America, focusing on DSA, at In These Times. Matthew Schmieder wrote a letter boosting DSA at The Daily Targum. Bhaskar Sunkara called for a left Tea Party, giving DSA's growth as an example, at The Guardian. Ben Burgis mentioned DSA's growth in an essay asserting Clinton really wouldn't have been much better than Trump at, of course, Counterpunch.

DSA was listed among the organizations supporting a sit-in protesting Purdue University West Lafayette's failure to adequately deal with racist propaganda on campus, according to Meghan Holden at Lafayette Journal & Courier.

DSA's Jessica Riegert organized a demonstration at Congresswoman Mimi Walters' office in support of Obamacare, according to Alma Fausto at The Orange County Register. (This has provoked some panic from Orange County liberals.) DSA organized a protest outside of Senator Dianne Feinstein's office to demand a vote against confirming Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, according to Christine Mai-Duc at Los Angeles Times. DSA was mentioned in an article on constituent pressure on Senator Chuck Schumer by Michelle Goldberg at Slate.

At Penn State's The Daily Collegian, Abbi Sales mentioned YDS as being among the organizers of a "The World in One Room: Capitalism and You".

"Democratic Socialists of Alabama" are among the organizers of a demonstration supporting unionization efforts at a Nissan manufacturing plant in Mississippi, according to Kelly Poe at

Sara Tabin included a quote from YDS organizer David Diaz in her account of a No DAPL demonstration in New Haven at Yale Daily News.

Trump's travel ban provoked demonstrations across the country. Jacob Klinger noted DSA's participation in the Pittsburgh response at PennLive Patriot-News. Chicago DSA's Alec Hudson made Reuters "The Wire" but we don't have the link. Michael Hardy gave Houston DSA partial credit for organizing the travel ban demonstration at Bush International Airport at Texas Monthly. Eamon O'Meara at WDBJ7 TV listed YDS as being among the organizers of a demonstration in support of immigrants in Blacksburg, Virginia. Maynard Wicked Local listed DSA as a member of the Safe Communities Act Coalition in connection with a protest of Trump's immigration decree.

Habitual fringe candidate Bill Haas is revealed to be a satiric performance art piece, according to Zoe Barnes at Riverfront Times, and the creator of Bill Haas threatens to organize a DSA chapter next. DSA is also part of the landscape when Jeva Lange discusses the "first great art of the Trump era" at The Week. Katherine Brooks' interview with artist Abigail Gray Swartz mentions DSA at Huffington Post.

Press Coverage of DSA’s Socialist Caucus at the Democratic National Convention

"The Sanders campaign is officially over. Now his supporters wonder: What’s next?" Washington Post, July 27, 2016

"Inside the Socialist Caucus at the DNC: Liberals Are 'Not Our Friends' but 'Not the Main Danger'",, July 27, 2016

"A Goal for Bus Ride Home: Healing Democratic Convention Rifts", Wall Street Journal, July 28, 2016

"Bernie Sanders, Sheepdog Socialist", Dissent Magazine, July 27, 2016

"An Anti-Trump Electoral Strategy That Isn’t Pro-Clinton", Dissent Magazine, July 28, 2016

"Rep. Keith Ellison: DNC Sanders Protesters Are 'Actually Helping Us'", Truth Out, July 29, 2016

"A Diehard Bernie Backer Considers What Comes Next", New Yorker, July 27, 2016

"American socialists confront their Hillary Clinton problem", The Week, August 4, 2016

"Why Bernie Sanders Lost, and How the Next Progressive Challenger Can Win", in These Times, August 4, 2016

Press Coverage of DSA at the People's Summit

This past June 17 to 19th, DSA joined National Nurses United, People for Bernie, National People's Action, and many more in Chicago for the People's Summit. Read this report on the Young Democratic Socialists activities of the People's Summit! Also, see coverage of DSA at the People's Summit below.

DSA member Dan LaBotz reflects in “Life After Bernie: People’s Summit Searches for the Movement’s Political Future” in New Politics.

D.D. Guttenplan “There Was No Clear Agenda at the People’s Summit—and That’s a Good Thing” in The Nation.

David Weigel “In Chicago, Sanders supporters commiserate — and plot their next moves” in the Washington Post.

New Piece: DSA Vice-Chair Bhaskar Sunkara "What I Saw at the People's Summit" in In These Times.


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Democratic Socialists of America announces support for Sen. Bernie Sanders in Democratic presidential primary  

Says his candidacy is singular in opposing reckless U.S. military interventions, invasive government information-gathering, drone-bombing in place of diplomacy and supporting jobs, economic and social justice, trade unions rights and Medicare-for-all.

New York, N.Y., April 30, 2015

Following Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ announcement earlier today that he was declaring his candidacy for president in the 2016 Democratic primary races, the national political committee of Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), the nation’s largest socialist organization, declared its unanimous support for the only socialist in Congress and its full support for his nationwide campaign effort.

A petition from thousands of supporters urging him to run for president read “By running in Democratic Party primaries, Independent Senator Sanders would challenge the dominant discourse of the neoliberal Democrats that privilege corporate business interests over those of all working people. Thus he would contribute to building a strong movement to halt the vicious attacks of Tea Party Republicans at all governmental levels on workers' rights, voting rights, and people of color in general.”

Sanders has a long history that justifies support.

In Congress, he advocates for effective campaign finance reform that reduces the influence of special interests and corporations and works to shift attention from enriching the 1 % to improving the living standards of working families.

He would end attacks on civil liberties that, in the name of national security, stifle civic discussion and demonize upstanding members of suspect minorities.

The senator is a leader in expanding voting, women’s and civil rights and criticizing right-wing efforts to use negligible instances of voter fraud to spark restrictive voting measures passed in 22 states since the 2010 mid-term elections.

He is a key proponent of making Medicare available to all, not just as a public health measure but as a basic element of economic justice.

He voted consistently against the environmentally ruinous Keystone XL pipeline and other misadventures by the Energy Industry. He has long advocated public investment in infrastructure and alternative energy production as part of a federal plan to achieve full employment at living wages for all.

Sanders was the first lawmaker to announce he would boycott the nakedly partisan congressional appearance of Israeli prime minister and notorious war-hawk Benjamin Netanyahu before Congress on March 2.

He was also the first Congress member to take constituents across the Canadian border to buy prescription drugs at a fraction of the inflated U.S.  price. He fights for lower cost drugs and backs legislation allowing re-importation and enabling Medicare to negotiate lower prices for Medicare beneficiaries.

As president, he would also ensure that trade deals such as the Clinton-era North American Free Trade Agreement or the as-yet secretly negotiated multinational Trans-Pacific Partnership, both of which threaten U.S. jobs, are quashed. He would see that Fair Trade deals become the norm.

He would break up giant financial institutions that pose a systemic risk to the financial system and the economy as a whole.

His campaign alone will help stoke grassroots insurgency against the class of super-rich corporate suits, the real beneficiaries of most elected officials’ largesse.

“Sen. Sanders as president would be a counterpoint not just to the far-right cliques currently controlling Congress and many state legislatures, but a force against the many Democrats who also act as shills for venal business interests,” Maria Svart, the DSA national director said.

Added Joseph Schwartz, chair of the National Political Committee and political science professor at Temple University, ”It’s time we had a president who will stand up to corporate America, fight to get private money out of politics and advocate for the needs of all the people of the United States.”

Sanders was endorsed by DSA in his initial run for the US Senate and in subsequent elections. He was warmly appreciated as keynoter for the group’s 1999 national convention in San Diego, Cal. and served as the keynote speaker at the awards dinner at DSA’s 2007 national convention in Atlanta, Ga.


Democratic Socialists of America is a political and activist organization, not a party; through campus and community-based chapters DSA members use a variety of tactics, from legislative to direct action, to fight for reforms that empower working people. Democratic Socialists believe that both the economy and society should be run democratically to meet human needs, not to make profits for a few.


Film Discussion: Pride

September 10, 2017
· 60 rsvps

Join DSA members Eric Brasure and Brendan Hamill to discuss the British film Pride (2014). It’s 1984, British coal miners are on strike, and a group of gays and lesbians in London bring the queer community together to support the miners in their fight. Based on the true story of Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners. The film is available for rent on YouTube, Amazon, and iTunes. 8 ET/7 CT/6 MT/5 PT.

Film Discussion: Union Maids

September 24, 2017
· 29 rsvps

Join DSA member and labor historian Susan Hirsch in discussing Union Maids (1976). Nominated for an Academy Award, this documentary follows three Chicago labor organizers (Kate Hyndman, Stella Nowicki, and Sylvia Woods) active beginning in the 1930s. The filmmakers were members of the New American Movement (a precursor of DSA), and the late Vicki Starr (aka Stella Nowicki) was a longtime member of Chicago DSA and the Chicago Women's Liberation Union. It’s available free on YouTube, though sound quality is poor. 8ET/7CT/6MT/5PT.