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A list of our city, community and campus chapters.

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Directory of DSA/YDS chapters and Organizing Committees. Don't see a chapter in your area? Start a chapter today.
AK | AL | AR | AZ | CA | CT | CO | DCFL | GA | HI | IL | IN | IA | KS | KY | LA | MA | MD | ME | MI | MNMO MS | MT | NC | NDNE | NH | NJ | NM | NV | NY | OH | OK | ORPA | RI | SC | TN | TX | UT | VA | VTWA | WI | WV


Birmingham DSA
Phone: 205/690-0372 
Email: info(a)bhamdsa.org


Anchorage DSA
Phone: 907/727-0556 
Email: anchoragedsa(a)gmail.com


Phoenix DSA
Phone: 520/775-1864 
Email: Phxazdsa(a)gmail.com
Tucson DSA Organizing Committee
Phone: 520/305-9562 
Email: dsa.tucson.oc(a)gmail.com


Central Arkansas DSA Organizing Committee 
Email: central.arkansas.dsa(a)gmail.com


CA Statewide: Facebook Group
East Bay DSA
Email: info(a)eastbaydsa.org
Fresno DSA Organizing Committee
Phone: 508/353-7252
Email: FresnoDSA(a)gmail.com
Los Alamitos High School YDS
Email: ydslosal(a)gmail.com
Long Beach DSA
Phone: 804/372-5299 (804-DSA-LB99)
Email: DSAlongbeach(a)gmail.com
Los Angeles County DSA
Email: democraticsocialistsla(a)gmail.com
North Bay DSA Organizing Committee
Contact: 707/335-9539
Email: dsanorthbay(a)gmail.com
Orange County DSA
Email: contact(a)ocdsa.org
Peninsula DSA Organizing Committee
Phone: 650/918-6372
Email: peninsuladsa(a)gmail.com
Pomona Valley DSA Organizing Committee
Phone: 909/632-4898
Email: dsapomonavalley(a)gmail.com
Sacramento DSA
Email: dsasacramento(a)gmail.com 
San Diego DSA
Phone: 619/287-5535
Email: dsasandiego(a)cox.net
San Francisco DSA
Email: dsa.san.francisco(a)gmail.com
Santa Barbara YDS
University of California & City College | Santa Barbara, CA
Santa Cruz DSA Organizing Committee
Email: dsasantacruz(a)protonmail.com
South San Francisco Bay Region DSA
Email: info(a)southbaydsa.org
Silicon Valley Branch
Email: svdemsoc(a)gmail.com
University of Southern California YDS | Los Angeles, CA
University of Southern California - Channel Islands YDS | Camarillo, CA
Ventura County DSA
Email: venturacountydsa(a)gmail.com


Central Connecticut DSA Organizing Committee
Phone: 203/626-2372
Email: Connecticut.DSA(a)gmail.com
Quiet Corner DSA Organizing Committee
Phone: 860/481-4503
Email: thequietcornerdsa(a)gmail.com
Wesleyan University YDS
Wesleyan University | Middletown, CT
Email: wesdemocraticsocialists(a)gmail.com
Yale Democratic Socialists
Yale University | New Haven, CT


Boulder DSA
Phone: 720/310-5282
Email: contact(a)boulderdsa.org
Colorado Springs DSA Organizing Committee
Phone: 719/551-2448
Email: SpringsDSA(a)gmail.com
Denver DSA
Phone: 720/235-8609
Email: denverdemsocialists(a)gmail.com 


Metro DC DSA
Phone: 202/841-3392
Email: info(a)dsadc.org
Georgetown Democratic Socialists
Georgetown University | Washington, DC


Central Florida DSA Organizing Committee
Email: info(a)centralfldsa.com
Jacksonville DSA Organizing Committee
Phone: 904/580-3738
Email: jacksonvilledsa(a)gmail.com
Orlando DSA
Phone: 407/785-6360
Email: dsaoforlando(a)gmail.com
Palm Beach State College YDS
Palm Beach State College | Lake Worth, FL
Email: palmbeachstateyds(a)gmail.com
South Florida DSA
Phone: 786/565-8446
Email: southfloridadsa(a)gmail.com
Tallahassee DSA Organizing Committee
Phone: 850/792-5912
Email: tallahasseedsa(a)gmail.com
Tampa DSA Organizing Committee
Phone: 813/575-0524
Email: dsa.tampa(a)gmail.com
University of Central Florida YDS
University of Central Florida | Orlando, FL
University of Florida YDS
University of Florida | Gainesville, FL
Email: ydsatuf(a)gmail.com


Metro Atlanta DSA
Phone: 770/313-4628
Northeast Georgia Branch
Email: NortheastGADSA(a)gmail.com


Honolulu DSA Organizing Committee
Phone: 650/395-8054
Email: dsahonolulu(a)gmail.com


Champaign-Urbana DSA Organizing Committee
Email: chambanadsa(a)gmail.com
Chicago DSA
Contact: Chicago DSA Office, 773/384-0327
Email: chiildsa(a)chicagodsa.org
Northern Illinois DSA Organizing Committee
Phone: 815/762-0325
Email: genedebs1920(a)yahoo.com
Quad Cities DSA
Phone: 815/839-3564
West Suburban IL DSA
Email: info(a)westsuburbsildsa.org


Central Indiana DSA
Phone: 317/910-3219
Email: centralindsa(a)gmail.com
Northern Indiana DSA Organizing Committee
Phone: 574/404-7792
Email: nindemsocialists(a)gmail.com
Southern Indiana DSA Organizing Committee
Phone: 812/463-2311
Email: southernindianadsa(a)gmail.com
Bloomington YDS
University of Indiana | Bloomington, IN
Purdue YDS
Purdue University | West Lafayette, IN


Central Iowa DSA
Dubuque County DSA
Phone: 641/781-9207
Heart of Iowa DSA Organizing Committee
Phone: 515/393-2172
Email: HeartofIowaDSA(a)gmail.com
Iowa City DSA Organizing Committee
Phone: 872/704-0161
Email: exec(a)iowacitydsa.org
Quad Cities DSA
Phone: 815/839-3564
YDS - The "S"Word at ISU
Iowa State University | Ames, IA


Wichita DSA
Email: wichitadsa(a)gmail.com


Louisville DSA
Email: dsalouisville(a)gmail.com
Metro Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky DSA
Email: dsacincy(a)gmail.com
YDS University of Kentucky
University of Kentucky | Lexington, KY


New Orleans DSA
Phone: 504/457-8634
Email: hello(a)dsaneworleans.org


In the DC Metro area? See the DC area chapter.

Greater Baltimore DSA
Email: baltimoredsa(a)gmail.com 
University of Maryland YDS
University of Maryland | College Park, MD
Email: umd.yds(a)gmail.com


Boston DSA
Email: organize(a)dsaboston.org
North Shore DSA Organizing Committee
Phone: 978/225-7306
Email: dsanorthshore(a)gmail.com
Pioneer Valley DSA Organizing Committee
Phone: 413/455-0626
Email: pvdemsoc(a)gmail.com
Smith College YDS
Smith College | Northampton, MA
Email: yds(a)smith.edu
Worcester DSA Organizing Committee
Email: worcdsa(a)gmail.com


Southern Maine DSA
Email: DSA.PortlandMaine(a)gmail.com


Detroit DSA
Huron Valley DSA
Phone: 734/985-0356
Email: huronvalleydsa(a)gmail.com
Lansing DSA Organizing Committee
Phone: 989/372-0101 
Email: lansingdsa(a)gmail.com
Michigan State YDS
Michigan State University | East Lansing, MI


Red River Valley DSA
Phone: 701/404-7393
Email: rrvdsa(a)gmail.com
Twin Ports DSA
Email: dsa.duluth(a)gmail.com
Twin Cities DSA
Email: chairs(a)twincitiesdsa.org
YDS University of Minnesota
University of  Minnesota | Minneapolis, MN


University of Southern Mississippi YDS


Kansas City DSA Organizing Committee
Phone: 816/812-1700
Email: kcdemocraticsocialists(a)gmail.com
St. Louis DSA
Phone: 314/384-6679
Email: saintlouisdsa(a)gmail.com


Helena DSA Organizing Committee
Phone: 406/823-0192
Email: helena(a)montanadsa.com
Western Montana DSA Organizing Committee
Phone: 406/282-1627
Email: missoula(a)montanadsa.org


Lincoln DSA
Email: dsalincoln(a)gmail.com
Omaha DSA
Email: OmahaDSA(a)gmail.com


Las Vegas DSA
Phone: 702/608-3293
Email: lasvegasdsa(a)gmail.com


New Hampshire DSA Organizing Committee
Phone: 978/364-3791
Email: newhampshiredsa(a)gmail.com


Central Jersey DSA
Email: dsacnj(a)gmail.com
North New Jersey DSA
Email: northnj(a)dsanj.org
South Jersey DSA Organizing Committee
Email: dsasouthjersey(a)gmail.com
Young Democratic Socialists of Princeton
Princeton University | Princeton, NJ


Central New Mexico DSA
Phone: 505/585-5372
Email: abqdsa(a)gmail.com
Santa Fe DSA
Phone: 505/819-3720
Email: santafedsa(a)gmail.com 


Albany DSA
Phone: 518/265-9895
Email: albanydsa(a)gmail.com
Buffalo DSA
Email: buffalodsa(a)gmail.com
Website | Facebook | Twitter
Cornell YDS
Cornell University | Ithaca, NY
Email: cornellyds(a)gmail.com
Hudson Valley DSA
Ithaca DSA
New York City DSA
Email: nycdsa(a)gmail.com
ROCDSA Organizing Committee (Rochester)
Email: RochesterDSA(a)gmail.com
YDS Hofstra
Hofstra University | Hempstead, NY
Stony Brook YDS
Stony Brook University | Stony Brook, NY


Asheville DSA Organizing Committee
Phone: 503/717-3240
Email: dsa.asheville(a)gmail.com
Charlotte DSA Organizing Committee
Email: info(a)charlottedsa.org
Piedmont DSA (including the Triangle and the Triad)
Email: info(a)dsanc.org
UNC Chapel Hill YDS
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill | Chapel Hill, NC


Red River Valley DSA
Contact: Courtney Schaff, 701/404-7393
Email: rrvdsa(a)gmail.com


Akron DSA
Phone: 330/485-3721
Email: dsaakron(a)gmail.com
Cleveland DSA
Phone: 216/815-5372
Email: info(a)dsacleveland.org
Columbus DSA
Email: columbusdsa(a)gmail.com
Case Western Reserve Young Democratic Socialists
Metro Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky DSA
Email: dsacincy(a)gmail.com
Portage County DSA
Email: portagedsa(a)gmail.com
Ohio State YDS
Ohio State University | Columbus, OH
Email: ydsosu(a)gmail.com


Oklahoma City DSA
Contact: okc.dsa.usa(a)gmail.com, 405/215-9163
Tulsa DSA Organizing Committee
Email: tulsa.dsa(a)gmail.com


Central Oregon DSA Organizing Committee
Email: centraloregondsa(a)gmail.com
Eugene DSA
Phone: 541/632-3422
Email: DSAEugene(a)gmail.com
Portland DSA
Email: dsaportlandoregon(a)gmail.com
University of Oregon at Eugene YDS


Arcadia University YDS
Arcadia University | Glenside, PA
Email: YDS.arcadia(a)gmail.com
Centre County DSA Organizing Committee
Email: centrecodsa(a)gmail.com
Harrisburg DSA Organizing Committee
Phone: 717-686-9711
Email: HarrisburgDSA(a)gmail.com
Philly DSA
Email: phillydsa(a)gmail.com
Pittsburgh DSA
Email: info(a)pghdsa.org
Penn State YDS
Penn State University | State College, PA
Steel Valley DSA Organizing Committee
Phone: 724/419-4626


Providence DSA
Email: provdsa(a)gmail.com
Brown University YDS (via ProvDSA)
Brown University | Providence, RI


Charleston DSA Organizing Committee 
Email: info@charlestondsa.org


Chattanooga DSA Organizing Committee
Phone: 508/280-7922
Email: chattanoogadsa(a)gmail.com
Knoxville DSA 
Phone: 512/922-7805
Memphis DSA Organizing Committee
Phone: 901/619-2679
Email: memphisdsa(a)earthlink.net
Middle Tennessee DSA

Sewanee Young Democratic Socialists (SYDS)
Sewanee: University of the South | Sewanee, TN
Email: SewaneeYDS(a)gmail.com
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Young Democratic Socialists


TX Statewide: Facebook Group
Austin DSA 
Brazos Valley DSA
Email: brazosvalleydsa(a)gmail.com
El Chuco del Norte (El Paso) DSA
Email: ChucoDSA(a)gmail.com
Houston DSA
Email: houstontxdsa(a)gmail.com
Jack C. Hays High School YDS
Jack C. Hays High School | Buda, TX
Lamar Democratic Socialists
Lamar University | Beaumont, TX
Email: lamaryds(a)gmail.com
North Texas DSA
Email: dsantx(a)gmail.com
San Antonio DSA
Email: sanantoniodsa(a)gmail.com
St. Edward's University YDS
St. Edward's University | Austin, TX


Salt Lake City DSA
Southern Utah DSA Organizing Committee
Phone: 435/767-1808
Email: sutahdsa(a)gmail.com


Burlington DSA Organizing Committee
Email: btvdsa(a)gmail.com


In the DC Metro area? See the DC area chapter.
Charlottesville DSA Organizing Committee
Phone: 434/218-0598
Email: cvilledsa(a)gmail.com
Fredericksburg DSA Organizing Committee
Phone: 540/642-0040
Email: fburgdsa(a)gmail.com
Freedom High School YDS
Freedom High School | Chantilly, VA
Email: freedomyds(a)gmail.com
George Mason University YDS
George Mason University | Fairfax, VA
Email: gmuydsa(a)gmail.com
Richmond DSA
Phone: 804/251-0181
Email: dsarichmond(a)gmail.com
William & Mary YDS
College of William & Mary | Williamsburg, VA


Olympia DSA Organizing Committee
Phone: 971-704-2452
Email: dsaolympia(a)gmail.com
Pacific Lutheran University YDS
Pacific Lutheran University | Tacoma, WA
Email: yds(a)plu.edu
Spokane DSA Organizing Committee
Email: spokanedsa(a)gmail.com
Seattle/Puget Sound DSA
Phone: 206/458-2349
Email: info(a)seattledsa.org
South Sound DSA 
Whatcom DSA Organizing Committee
Phone: 253/651-2659
Email: whatcomdsa(a)gmail.com


Kanawha Valley DSA
North Central West Virginia DSA
Phone: 304/278-4207
Email: wvdsa(a)protonmail.com


Madison DSA
Phone: 608/335-6568
Email: dsamadison(a)gmail.com
Milwaukee DSA
Phone: 414/690-6983
Email: milwaukeedsa(a)gmail.com
Twin Ports DSA
Email: dsa.duluth(a)gmail.com
UW-Madison YDS
University of Wisconsin-Madison | Madison, WI
UW-Stevens Point YDS
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point | Stevens Point, WI
CLICK HERE to start a chapter in your area!

Film Discussion: Pride

September 10, 2017
· 60 rsvps

Join DSA members Eric Brasure and Brendan Hamill to discuss the British film Pride (2014). It’s 1984, British coal miners are on strike, and a group of gays and lesbians in London bring the queer community together to support the miners in their fight. Based on the true story of Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners. The film is available for rent on YouTube, Amazon, and iTunes. 8 ET/7 CT/6 MT/5 PT.

Film Discussion: Union Maids

September 24, 2017
· 29 rsvps

Join DSA member and labor historian Susan Hirsch in discussing Union Maids (1976). Nominated for an Academy Award, this documentary follows three Chicago labor organizers (Kate Hyndman, Stella Nowicki, and Sylvia Woods) active beginning in the 1930s. The filmmakers were members of the New American Movement (a precursor of DSA), and the late Vicki Starr (aka Stella Nowicki) was a longtime member of Chicago DSA and the Chicago Women's Liberation Union. It’s available free on YouTube, though sound quality is poor. 8ET/7CT/6MT/5PT.